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WASPcam Camera Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: WASPcam | Category: Video Recording


9958 USB Charging Cable
9322 Power Grip Portable Charger
9801 Battery
For WASPcam Part # 9905/9906/9907
9802 Clear Protective Lens
9803 Red Diving Lens
9804 Video Cable
9805 Waterproof USB Cable
9806 HDMI Cable
9807 Waterproof Side Cap & Rubber Tether
9808 Gigastone 3-in-1 Micro SD Card
9810 Power Stubbie
9811 Waterproof USB Cable
9812 Dual Battery Charger
9813 4K USB Cable
9814 4K GPS Kit
9815 4K USB Video Cable
9816 4K Side Bracket
9817 4K Waterproof USB Cable
9818 4K Waterproof USB Cable
9819 4K Waterproof Side Cap/Tether
9909 Micro USB Hard Wire Kit
9914 Flat & Curved Sockets
4 Pieces
9915 Billet Aluminum Hand Grip
9916 Jaws Clamp
w/ Flex Rod
9917 Jaws Clamp
9920 Accessories Storage Bag
9922 Pro-Series Suction Cup
9923 2 in 1 Hand Grip/Tripod
9925 Case Connector

Product Description

Universal Travel Charger
Part #9926
This universal travel adaptor easily converts to a European plug, United Kingdom plug, United States plug and Australian plug. The USB power port can be used to charge your mobile devices.

HDMI Cable
Part #9946
Connect camera to HDMI port on TV for instant playback.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Part #9957
Go the distance with durable Li-Ion battery from WASPcam. Each WASPcam sold includes a battery, but for those who are out there proving it more than others, you may need more juice. Expect 2 to 2.5 hours of video recording time from a full charge.

USB Charging Cable
Part #9958
Every WASPcam comes complete with a USB Cable to connect a WASPcam to a laptop or other device for importing and viewing files. The USB cable also connects with an included Wall Charger.

Wall Charger
Part #9959
Powering up a WASPcam is this Wall Charger unit, which connects to a USB cable and is included with every WASPcam purchased. May be purchased separately from any WASPcam retailer.

Battery Pack Holder (AA Batteries)
Part #9962
Alternatively to purchasing a second Lithium-ion battery, users may also opt for a WASPcam Battery Pack holder, which holds three ‘AA’ batteries. Every Battery Pack Holder includes a wider Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor to accommodate ‘AA’ batteries and battery insert, which fits inside the backside of the camera-body. (Batteries and complete camera casing sold separately.)

Double-Capacity Lithium-ion Battery
Part #9963
Add more horsepower to your WASPcam action-sports camera with this “fatty” battery! Includes biggie-sized Lithium-ion battery and a larger Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor to accommodate the larger battery.

Wireless Wrist Remote with LVD Charging Cable
Part #9996
This cable connects a Wireless Wrist Remote with LVD (9995) to a computer or wall charger to recharge the remote’s battery. Included with GIDEON camera package but may be purchased separately.

Three Sided Socket
Part #6104
This three way t-handle features three different socket sizes (8,9 and 10mm) and works great for installing and removing WASPcam mounting bolts.