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QA1 Interchangeable Shock Cartridge

Brand: QA1 | Category: Shocks / Struts

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Product Description

These cartridges are interchangeable pieces for QA1’s M Series Interchangeable Cartridge Struts. The strut housing and the cartridge are two separate pieces that are inserted together, so you can easily change out the cartridge to a different valve setting, depending on how you’re using the vehicle, what the track conditions are, etc. Racers can buy individual cartridges with different valvings and simply switch out the cartridge by inserting it into the strut housing, making it easy to change valve settings without needing to alter caster or camber.

In the struts, the cartridge is inserted into the strut housing and acts like the piston rod, drastically increasing the strength of the strut and providing superior steering control while keeping the tires in correct alignment on all types of cornering conditions. The inverted design also provides less unsprung weight, which speeds the suspension’s response and allows for more precise handling.

This 2” O.D. cartridge is is offered in both rebuildable and sealed configurations. The rebuildable option provides the ability to tune or repair the strut without needing to send it to a repair shop, saving time and money, while the sealed option is a great choice for racers that need to run a sealed strut to adhere to certain track or series rules. The cartridges also feature an electroless nickel plated finish that encapsulates the base metal and provides excellent corrosion resistance, superior hardness and consistency.

Offered in multiple valving options, with custom valving options also available, QA1’s M Series struts are 100% dyno tested and serialized.