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Gorilla Shop Tools UNIVERSAL

Brand: Gorilla Auto | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
LNB-1 Individual Lug Nut Bin
LNB-16 16 Lug Nut Bins
LNB-16A 16 Lug Nut Bins
Assembled w/ Assorted Lug Nuts
TG1 Pencil Style
TG2 Dial Gauge
TG4 Dial Gauge Premium
THRG-08 Eight Assorted Thread Guages
WB-1 Super Soft Wheel Brush
14150BT Bolt Installation Tool
For M14 x 1.50 Bolts

Product Description

Gorilla offers a number of products to make life in a garage or shop much easier and efficient!

Gorilla Nut Organizer
Gorilla offers a simple, organized solution to the chaos of mixed parts and torn boxes. This 16 bin organizer is made of durable plastic and comes pre-packed with an assortment of the most popular lug nuts and washers.

Bolt Pattern Gauges
The set includes 30 different circle guides in both millimeters and inches. Made from durable molded plastic, the set also comes with lug centering adapters and a wheel stud gauge.

Thread Size Gauges
This set has both male and female threads for checking lug nuts, wheel locks and wheel studs. Eight machined gauges let you verify the most common bolt and lug thread sizes.

Tire Pressure Gauges
Gorilla offers your choice of Tire Pressure Gauges that fit your customer’s needs. From the simple and quick Pencil Gauge, to the precision built dial gauges.

Spark Plug Wrench
Gorilla’s Dual Socket Spark Plug Wrench does the job of two wrenches. Designed with convenience in mind, the spring-loaded dual socket fits two sizes of spark plugs (16mm & 21mm). The dual socket also has a plug-saving neoprene insert.

Mag Wheel Brush
Super soft to clean without scratching expensive wheels. Take all the work out of removing mud, road grime, brake dust and salt from those hard to reach places. Also use it around the house or garage, whenever you need a soft brush for delicate work.