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Blitz Throttle Controller

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Product Description

The Blitz Throttle Controller is exclusively designed for specific vehicles to improve the response of the electronic throttle.

Many late model vehicles come equipped with an electronic throttle and can be shockingly dull in response

The Blitz Throttle Controller allows 4 different configuration modes to choose from

ECO – Maximizes economy by enhancing throttle response at lower throttle openings.

SP1 – Sport mode 1
Gives a balance between throttle response and economy.

SP2 – Sport mode 2
More suited to sports driving, SP2 mode provides a ratio of nearly double, in comparison to SP1

SP3 – Sport mode 3
This mode enhances the throttle response the most, the peddle to throttle ratio is virtually double.

All modes are shown on the display for easy recognition.

Fail safe system that always resets itself to OFF to avoid an unaccustomed driver at the wheel.

Can be easily returned to normal if needed.

A specific vehicle coupler makes installation easy and quick.

The kit includes
Controller, 2 x harness, double sided tape for the display, lock tight, installation manual and application list.

18 different harnesses make it possible to install on over 80 Japanese domestic vehicles, please call if your vehicle is not listed.