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Blitz Racing Meter Adapters UNIVERSAL

Brand: Blitz | Category: Gauge Pods / Accessories


19221 Oil Drain Plug Temp Fitting
Size M14 - 1.50/ 1/8PT
19213 Exhaust Temp. Sensor
19222 Oil Drain Plug Temp Fitting
Size M16 - 1.50/ 1/8PT
19231 Oil Sandwitch Type-A
For Most Nissan / Mitsubishi / Mazda / Honda and some Toyota or Subaru
ORing Size 65mm
19506 Boost Sensor Type-II
19232 Oil Sandwitch Type-B
For Most Toyota
ORing Size 70mm
73103 Oil Delivery Attachment
Male Port x1 - 1/8PT
Female Port x2 - 1/8 PT
15051 A/F Box - II
Color Metal Red
19233 Oil Sandwitch
Subaru Specific
ORing Size 65mm
19211 Pressure Sensor
19500 Boost Sensor
For MD Electric Boost Gauge
15093 R-Vit DS Remote Controller
19210 Temperature Sensor
19952 Exhaust Temp Sensor Fitting
19224 Oil Drain Plug Temp Fitting
Size M20 - 1.50 / 1/8PT
Size M18 - 1.50 / 1/8PT
19220 Oil Drain Plug Temp Fitting
Size M12 - 1.25/ 1/8PT

Product Description

To compliment the range of Blitz electronics and gauges, a full range of sensors and fittings are available.