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APEXi Exhaust Accessories - Super Silencer UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
155-A007 Super Silencer
For GT Spec and N1 Turbo
Size 115mm
155-A008 Super Silencer
For Dual N1 & N1 NA
Size 90mm
155-A010 Silencer Removal Tool
155-A025 Active Tail Silencer
For GT Spec and N1 Turbo
Tip 115mm
155-A026 Active Tail Silencer
For N1 NA Canister
Tip 90mm
155-A009 Super Silencer
Size 75mm

Product Description

The Super Silencer is the most effective way to lower sound output caused by a straight through racing exhaust system. The Silencer has also been shown to actually increase mid-range torque in some vehicles. On average, the Super Silencer will lower exhaust noise output by approximately 7dB.

Available for A’PEX mufflers with 90mm (155-A008) or 115mm tip (155-A007).

Also Recommended is the A’PEX Silencer Removal Tool (155-A010) to ensure safe removal of the Super Silencer.