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Agency Power Universal Silicone Connector UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
AP-SIL-2/3x4 Reducer Silicone Coupler
Size 2" to 3"x 4"
AP-SIL-2.5x8 Straight Silcone Coupler
Size 2.5"x 8"
AP-SIL-2/2.5x3 Reducer Silicone Coupler
Size 2" to 2.5"x 3"
AP-SIL-1.75/2.5x4 Reducer Silicone Coupler
Size 1.75" to 2.5"x 4"
AP-SIL-2.5x3 Straight Silicone Coupler
Size 2.5"x 3.5"
AP-SIL-3x3 Straight Silicone Coupler
Size 3"x 3"
AP-SIL-1.75/3x4 Reducer Silicone Coupler
Size 1.75" to 3"x 4"
AP-SIL-3/4x4 Reducer Silicone Coupler
Size 3" to 4"x 4"
AP-SIL-2x3 Straight Silicone Coupler
Size 2" x 3"

Product Description

Agency Power now offers its universal silicone couplers to customers needing a high quality coupler. These 5ply silicone couplers can be used on turbo components, intercooler kits, radiator parts, and more. Their properties allow them to work in high heat conditions which will out live any OEM rubber component. The coupler sizing is listed in the product name. Couplers are available in colors as listed below. Most couplers have the AP logo on them. Silicone couplers are sold individually.